How to Assemble a Tent Edit

There are many occasions that may call for a tent. These can range from camping in the mountains to simply spending a night in the backyard. No matter the situation, building a tent is an extremely useful skill. These are basic instructions for simple tents; more complicated tents may be more difficult, and the tent's instructions should always be followed.


Steps Edit

  1. 1

Take the unassembled tent out of the package. The tent will likely consist of poles and a large, tarp-like sheet of cloth or plastic. Look at the instructions and ensure that you have all necessary parts.

  1. 2

Put the poles together to make the frame of the tent. Even if you hate reading directions, at least take a look at them so you know what shape the tent is supposed to be. Tents come in a variety of shapes, the most common being domes, cones, pyramids, or house shapes. It is important that the frame is built correctly; otherwise, the cover will fit awkwardly, if it even fits at all.

  1. 3

Once the frame is put together, put the cover on it. If you assembled the frame correctly, the cover should go right on with little struggling.

  1. 4

Make sure you stake down the edges of your tent cover so it doesn't blow away. Use a hammer and stakes. Stretch the tent (but not too tight) and stake each of the corners, making sure it isn't wrinkled.

  1. 5

It's a different story if you don't have a store bought tent; if you don't, it will be very difficult to fabricate a tent. Since it would be nearly impossible to make a strong, suitable frame out of things you find (like sticks), it may be better to find shelter in a cave, under trees or a rock formation, or in your car (if it's with you).

  • If you have any spare poles or tent covers, bring them. Things often break at the worst times.
  • If you are of shorter stature, it may be helpful for a taller person to help you put the tent cover on. While it is possible to put it on yourself, it may cause quite a struggle. Most tents are designed for two people anyway.
  • If you are going camping, bring a tent or other suitable shelter with you. Don't rely on nature to provide shelter materials, because it is far too likely that you will not find suitable materials.

Warnings Edit

  • Make sure you don't pitch your tent on a hill or muddy/soft surfaces, your tent will not be stable if you do.
  • Be careful where you set up camp. An area that looks like a good camping spot to you may be a wild animal's territory.
  • Make sure that there is no electric cables on top of you when you assemble the tent, since you could accidentally get electrocuted from one of the poles touching the wire.
  • If young children are staying in the tent with you, make sure they know how to behave in a tent. Excessive horseplay in a tent can cause it to fall over.

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